FONDCUP 2022 Maiden – Petra Oyindenyefa Fufeyin from Bayelsa State

FONDCUP 2022 Maiden – Petra Oyindenyefa Fufeyin from Bayelsa State

FONDCUP 2022 Maiden – Petra Oyindenyefa Fufeyin from Bayelsa State is a beautiful, jovial and multi-talented 18 years old maiden who loves dancing and acting from the Ekeremor Clan.

The FONDCUP 2022 Maiden, carries herself with grace, elegance and poise, which makes it obvious that she is well prepared to face her challenges no matter how difficult they may be in FONDCUP 2022 camp.

Petra, the FONDCUP maiden 2022, wishes to take advantage of the FONDCUP crown and office, to realize a long-held passion, which is to set up and own a fashion academy Culture based, with cultural activities being done from time to time.


1.  Tell us briefly about yourself and family?

I am Fufeyin Oyindenyefa Petra a native of Oweigbene community in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa state. born on the 17th day of march 2004. I’m the fourth child of my dad and the first child of my mum, I lost my dad three years ago. I am a lovable person, fun to be with, multi-talented and loved by everyone that comes in contact with me. One thing I like very much about myself, is the fact that, I’m very determined and I always accomplish my goal. I never give up on my dreams no matter the obstacle.

I love fashion, modelling, dancing, music, I talk and listen a lot.


The family of Late Mr Fufeyin Oriephegha Linus is a God fearing family. They live together in love, peace and unity, these virtues of life were inculcated into all members of the family, through Late Pa Augustine.O. Fufeyin. My family is a well known family across the Niger Delta Region.

The name Fufeyin has a lot of impact in the lives of people. God has been faithful to my family and has blessed the Fufeyin’s family with wealth, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, priests and ministers. My family is a beautiful family of love and they live together.

2. Who is your Role Model? 

My Role models are my parents. Mum is courageous and organized, physically and spirituality.

She is dedicated, diligent, in whatever she does. she never procrastinates, She Inspires me a lot.

Dad on the other hand, was always there for people, giving to others. Whatever he set as a goal, he accomplished. His determination for success and benevolent disposition, was so much of an inspiration to me. During my bad days, his words and actions keeps me going, even now that he is no more.

3. What is your ideal Niger Delta?

My ideal Niger Delta is a large community of different kinds of people, tribes and traditions, coming together, setting aside their differences and coming together to live as one big family in peace and harmony.

4.  What regrets do you have so far as a young lady and a pageant model ?

Have not really gone far in my modelling career but so far the only regret I have is not starting my modelling career earlier.

5. How was your FONDCUP 2022 Camp experience?

My experience in camp is the best and most fun filled  experience, compared to other pageants. It’s a very educational, amazing and mind blowing experience. It’s one in a million, I loved it.

6. How would you describe your roommates? (Mention their names and the state they represent)

I wouldn’t have asked for any other roommates than them;

I) Ibitoru Ibelema representing Rivers state is a jovial person, fun to be with and a very talented and caring person. She is a very strong and determined woman, who never gives up.

ii) Precious Imoh representing Akwa-Ibom State is a kind hearted and lovable person that has lots of uniqueness in her . She is caring and passionate in whatever she does

7. What have you learned from co-existing with your fellow maidens? 

Co-existing with the maidens taught me how to communicate with others, how to adapt (tolerance). It made me realize that understanding and patience matters in all kinds of relationships.

8. Why would you want to become the next FONDCUP QUEEN?

To accomplish the dream of being helpful to others, most especially the little orphans that lost their parents.

To accomplish the dream of creating my fashion world that is based on the tribes within the Niger delta Region. So people can learn about the Niger Deltans and this will also serve as a means of empowerment. People can come and learn fashion designing as handwork and use it to help themselves most especially the youths.

And FONDCUP is the only platform I can use to accomplish the dream of helping the great people of Niger Delta.

9. What is your possible solution to the constant crisis in the Niger Delta Region?

i. Educational systems, should be geared towards developing people, who would be problem solving oriented.

ii.  Education system, should be geared towards eradicating the entitlement mentality of the Niger Delta youths.

iii.  The economy should be moved from a consumption economy to a production economy. 

iv.  Society should have a robust system for hard-working citizens.

10.  Which rule or law in your culture and /or  tradition would you want to change If given the opportunity?

I would change the tradition of women being passed down to their Late husband’s brother or son.

This law came into existence during the time of our forefathers. If a woman’s husband is late, for her to get access to her late husband’s property, she must be married to either his brother or his son. then, the woman would have no choice, except she wants her children will to starve to death. Up till this day, this tradition still lives and if I have the opportunity I will put an end to it.

11. When you become FONDCUP 2022 QUEEN, what would you want the Niger Delta people to recognize you with?

I would want to be remembered, as the one that brought a new Niger Delta. The one that put smiles on the frowning faces of my fellow Niger Deltans.

12.  What is your greatest challenge and regret?

My greatest challenge in life was when I lost my dad. Things became really hard and frustrating for me and my younger siblings. I had to carry the responsibilities of both a dad and sister to them. Things were very hard and challenging, but I never gave up because I was determined to see a better tomorrow.

I regretted why my dad died. Up till date I regretted why my dad died.

FONDCUP 2022 Maiden FONDCUP 2022 Maiden FONDCUP 2022 Maiden FONDCUP 2022 Maiden


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