The Reigning Queen

Kasi Usani

Kasi Usani - Fondcup Queen 2021


asi Usani is 21 years old, born in Badagry a historical suburb in Lagos State, Nigeria. She was born to a retired Policeman and a mother who trades. An indigene of Ugep, a tribe in Cross River State. She had her primary and secondary education in Anglican Primary School and Accession College in Badagry, Lagos Nigeria. She is the last child of five siblings, in a family of seven.

Kasi’s passion for pageantry and modeling started when her elder sister’s friends who were into modeling, participated in a pageant contest, and she was opportune to follow them to the event as a little girl. Seeing all the glitz and glamour associated with Pageantry, Kasi started developing interest and decided to become a pageant queen one day.

In a period like this in Nigeria, when the country needs positive programmes to boost its cultural diversity and oneness, amidst the fragile unity and economic difficulties, unity and love projects would be appropriate to change the narrative.

Kasi UsaniThe pageant was remarkable for several reasons. It was all about looking inwards and harnessing indigenous, flamboyant and colourful fabrics to showcase our cultural diversity, heritage, and oneness. We had presentations, cultural dances and unity works made by the contesting participant. Unlike the usual beauty pageants that are characterized by fashionable runway clothing, ranging from beach wears, evening dinner wears and flamboyant royal flows, this event showcased traditional costumes and our rich cultural heritage. Emerging as FONDCUP Queen 2021/2022, I believe everyone saw the efforts and dedication I put in during the camp and grand finale. My humility and focus were an advantage for me as our task, was majorly centered around promoting unity, kindness, peace, and love through our cultural diversities. We were given tasks I wasn’t familiar with, like fetching firewood, making native cooking stove with mud. I was determined to excel, even though it wasn’t easy for me at the time. I interacted with everyone peacefully and maturedly. While learning new things, we were mentored. Every state in the region was celebrated, through activities that that showcased our peculiarities of rich cultural heritage and talent. My one-year reign will be eventful, as I have already thought-out plans in line with the WORLD KINDNESS INITIATIVE NIGERIA and FONDCUP vision, together with my personal dream and passion. My pet project as the FONDCUP queen and KINDNESS AMBASSADOR 2021/2022, is to spread the kindness virus, preach peace and show love to our people through enlightenment campaigns, empowerment projects and events that would also unite us as a people and portray us in a good light to the entire world. I will also run with my passion, to provide sanitary towels for young maidens in the Niger Delta region, especially those in the rural areas and slumps, who can’t afford sanitary towels. I have carried out research in my own little way, and what I found, was really overwhelming and heartbreaking. Young girls use rags as sanitary pads and most of them contract STDs and infections due to their poor menstrual hygiene during their monthly circle. Some of them stay at home for the number of days their flow lasts…these to me, is really disturbing. menstruation can negatively affect women’s health, productivity, as well as their involvement in social and economic activities. The goal is to touch and impact lives positively, through the Face of Niger Delta Cultural pageant and World Kindness Initiative Nigeria platform. I plan to tour round the whole nine Niger-Delta State, if possible, to impact teens, adolescent girls, the less privilege, the elderly, and youth, from the interior parts of the region. I intend to partner with firms and manufacturers of sanitary towels, corporate bodies and government parastatals both at the local, state, and national level, to achieve my objectives and impacting lives, especially in the Region.