Meet The Producer

Miss Elizabeth Efe Era is the producer of Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant (FONDCUP) and hails from Eguare, Ekpoma in Esan West Local Government area of Edo State. She had her education in Nigeria. She is a Vlogger, film producer, blogger, author, entrepreneur and the founder of Ethel Women Initiative, a Non-governmental Organization established to enlighten, empower and groom the Nigerian female child, into a virtuous woman and a positive pillar in the Nigerian society.

Miss Era believes in changing the old narrative and stereotyped way of organizing pageantry in Nigeria, through the FONDCUP project. She has had this idea for more than 5 years, before the opportunity presented itself for her to take over the management of Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant, three years after the death of her predecessor, late Mr. Kelly Godwin Attah (A.K.A Dear Kelly). Elizabeth Era was the pioneer winner and queen of the Face of Niger Delta beauty pageant, organized by Gold House in 2006, which later became Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant.

According to her, Face of Niger Delta Cultural pageant is a means to reach out to the Niger Deltans all over the world; uniting the Niger Deltans through our cultural and traditional heritage by reaching out to every tribe through the face (Queen), which will share a common logo of peace, kindness, togetherness and prosperity throughout the region via diverse projects and programs, planned out by the organization for the emerging queen and her runner ups.

There are world class resort landscape and interesting stories, culture and tradition in the Niger Delta region, which is yet to be showcased, written and/or discovered and brought to the fore. Hence my zeal to achieve most of these goals via FONDCUP going forward.

Elizabeth Era - Fondcup

Miss Elizabeth Era

Producer’s Note: I want to live in and leave behind, a Niger Delta that would see beyond just the oil in the region, but our diverse cultures/occupations, through which we can amass more wealth. A Niger Delta that would showcase her rich cultural and traditional heritage to the entire world.”