Unveiling the FONDCUP Queen 2021/2022 and her Runners Up

Unveiling the FONDCUP Queen 2021/2022 and her Runners Up

The Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant unveiled her crowned queen, her runners up and their pet project on the 1st of November, 2021. The event was attended by gentlemen of the press, the president of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria, the convener of FONDCUP and other members of FONDCUP team. Below is the press statement, given by miss Kasi Usani, the maiden who is the present Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant Queen, 2021/2022 from Cross River state.


The MD, Board of Directors of the NDDC, Executive governors and deputy governors of the 9 Niger Delta States, Members of World Kindness Movement international and World Kindness Initiative Nigeria, Team members of FONDCUP Nigeria Limited, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen of the Press.

I officially welcome you all to this great occasion, the official presentation of the Face of the Niger-Delta Cultural Pageant (FONDCUP) winner to the media.

I am truly grateful to God almighty and very glad that I emerged the Face of Niger delta Cultural Pageant 2021/2022. It was not an easy feat, but God almighty crowned my effort with success. I feel extremely happy for this platform and pledge to utilize it to the best of my ability, GOD willing.

First, let me use this medium to appreciate the FONDCUP team, management of the NDCC, Excos and president of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria and everyone involved in empowering females in the Niger Delta region.

My pet project as the FONDCUP queen and Kindness Ambassador 2021/2022, is to spread the kindness virus, preach peace and show love to our people through enlightenment campaigns, empowerment projects and events that would also unite us as a people. I Kasi Usani, would want to show to the country and the entire world, that Niger Deltans are wonderful, creative, intelligent, hardworking and peace loving people.

Also, it has always been my dream to provide sanitary towels for young maidens in the Niger Delta region, especially those in the rural areas and slumps, who can’t afford sanitary towels. I have tried to carry out research in my own little way, and what I found, was really overwhelming and heartbreaking. Young girls use rags as sanitary pads and most of them contract STDs and infections due to their poor menstrual hygiene during their Monthly circle. Some of them stay at home for the number of days their flow lasts…these to me, is really disturbing. menstruation can negatively affect women’s health, productivity, as well as their involvement in social and economic activities.

I, therefore, want to use my office to appeal to firms and manufacturers of sanitary towels, to support me in my-Save-the-Girl-Child-Hygiene campaign project. I also, would want to solicit for support, from corporate bodies and government parastatals both at the local, state, and national level, to assist me in achieving my objectives and impacting lives, especially the downtrodden and less privileged in the Niger Delta Region.

Finally, as the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant Queen and Kindness ambassador 2021/2022, amidst the glitz and glam, I want to assure everyone, especially those, looking up to me to fulfill my duties as a queen, that I will live up to my responsibilities. It is a new dawn for the Niger Delta people.

I feel grateful and I express it, I appreciate everyone for coming to this press conference, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen of the press, I wish everyone safe journey back to their destination…Thank you all.