Kasi Usani, Kindness Ambassador 2021/2022 spreads the Kindness virus to Umelu Secondary School Benin City

Kasi Usani, Kindness Ambassador 2021/2022 spreads the Kindness virus to Umelu Secondary School Benin City

January 17th, 2022 was a very beautiful day for the female students of Umelu Secondary School, Upper Sakponba area of Benin City, in Edo state as World Kindness Initiative Nigeria members in company of Miss Kasi Usani the Kindness Ambassador and her runners up took the kindness matters campaign and Kindness capacity-building sessions, supported by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) India to them.

Sanitary pads were distributed to all the female students in the school, also, the kindness capacity building session was delivered to the students by barrister Stephen Oke.

Kasi Usani the Kindness Ambassador enlightened the young girls on the importance of keeping a clean hygiene and caring for their bodies and being conscious of their monthly flow.

“Having embarked on this journey that has become personal to me, I realize there are more helpless people in the world than we actually know. And the WKIN members can’t do it alone, we can’t reach out to everyone. But we can spread it. By being kind to your next-door neighbour in the hope that he will be kind to the neighbour on his other side. We can be our sister’s keeper. We rise by lifting others, therefore, support the movement, from wherever you are in Nigeria. Join in and spread Kindness to all people.” She said to the young maidens.

Miss Faith also joined in on the existing protocol, having some words of advice for the female students, “You have to be proud of your body…” She said, ” We are women, and we were born this way. Don’t be ashamed to ask an older woman for help or advice concerning your personal health.” She emphasized on the importance of having a calendar to keep track of their menstrual cycle so that they are not caught unawares, surprised nor embarrassed when it comes, use good tissue papers and good sanitary pads, and be careful of using public toilets so as to prevent infection.”

Mr Steve Onyemah, President of WKIN expressed the importance of effectively educating a girl child, “They say train a woman and you have trained a nation, support each other and of course, show kindness to one another.” He said to the students of Umelu Secondary school.

The session ended with the sharing of the sanitary pads to all the students, and some were given to the teachers in appreciation for teaching the students.