FONDCUP Queen and her Runner Ups paid courtesy visit to the Korean Cultural Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

FONDCUP Queen and her Runner Ups paid courtesy visit to the Korean Cultural Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

The crowned queen of Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant and Kindness Ambassador 2021/2022, Miss Kasi Usani and her runner ups, Miss Faith Iguodala, and Miss Grace Ekrakene on the 21st of March 2022, paid a courtesy visit to the Korean Culture Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

There were warmly received and hosted by Mr. Kim Chang-Ki, the new Director of the Korea Cultural Centre in Nigeria and his team members, Kim Ahyoung, the Cultural consultant, and Yang Buyoung the Public relations manager of KCCN.

Mr. Kim expressed his genuine appraisal to the maidens from the Niger Delta region and their team members for having come a long way for the courtesy visit, but he was reassured that the distance was not a barrier considering the purpose of the visit, which is to create a bilateral relationship between the KCCN and Ethel women Initiative, through the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant (FONDUP) platform.

As both parties discussed their yearly activities, his team revealed certain events the KCCN organizes to promote the Korean culture in Nigeria, some of which includes Taekwondo sessions, K-pop, and others.

Miss Elizabeth Era, the executive director of Ethel Women Initiative, spoke on the goal of FONDCUP, which primarily is to promote the culture, tradition, history, and values of the Niger Delta region amongst others.

It was a beautiful sight to see both parties discuss while recognizing the undeniable contrast in both countries that go beyond the color of skin and texture of hair that makes it even more beautiful in appreciating their diversity.

One could say, the new relationship was off to a good start as Director Kim extended an RVSP invitation to FONDCUP Queens to any event held at and organized by KCCN.

The friendly offer was duly returned with a special invitation to any event organized by FONDCUP as well. it is expected that more collaborations are in view in the future of the KCCN and the Ethel Women Initiative, through the FONDCUP platform.