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FACE OF NIGER DELTA CULTURAL PAGEANT (FONDCUP) is a cultural beauty Pageant, initiated to harness the beauty of the Niger Delta maiden, while we use the platform to embrace our culture, peace, and unity amongst our people in the Niger Delta region.
NO! FONDCUP registration is not free, all participants MUST pay the sum of 5,000 Niara online before filling their form.
Participation in this pageant is opened to maidens within the Niger Delta region, between the ages of 18 to 25 years. Participation is opened to Niger Deltans in the Diaspora, provided they meet the eligibility requirements and are willing and able to cover their own travel expenses to and fro. Every participant is expected to be extremely beautiful, presentable, have an excellent command of the English language, intelligent, well-mannered, and responsible, as LizGold Global Enterprise will not accept otherwise.
Step 1: Read the Eligibility Rules and Requirements properly.
Step 2: Read and Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
Step 3: Then go-ahead to complete the Registration Form.
Step 4: Make a 60 seconds video, introducing yourself, and upload, together with your full 5x7 photograph and a passport.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audition will be done online this season. All contestants will be asked to make videos and upload them on the FONDCUP website for evaluation.
Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.
The 9 final contestants would have been cleared of any medical conditions including COVID-19 before entering the camping yard.
There are consolation prizes for other contestants, which the organizers will decide upon.

Stage One
In this stage, applications will be screened and sorted by the organizers of this pageant online, via their registrations and a 60 seconds video, submitted by each contestant.

Stage Two
Qualified participants will be asked to make another 2 – 3 minutes video, displaying their talent (audition and screening) which will be judged by the panel. The panel will consist of men and women who are reputable individuals within the nine (9) Niger Delta States or Nigeria at large.

Stage Three
Judges’ scores together with Participants video presentation will be uploaded on the FONDCUP website for the public to access and give their opinions by casting their votes as we shall be using both Judges Scores and public opinion (vote) as final results to determine the nine (9) contestants that will qualify for the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant (FONDCUP) 2021 competition.

Stage Four
Participants with the highest aggregate votes from both the judges and public will qualify to enter the competition and camped for 22 days in a secluded environment within the Niger Delta region.

The 9 finalists voted for online, will be invited to a location where the test will be conducted on them by NCDC officials. After they are certified with clean bill of health by NCDC officials in the isolation center, they will be taken to the FONDCUP camp house where they will compete for the crown for 22 days.

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