The Ondo Kingdom is a traditional state that traces its origins back for over 500 years, with its capital in

Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria. Ondo Kingdom was established by Princess Pupupu, one of the twins of

Alafin Oluaso, and the present Ondo State is a state in south western Nigeria. Created in February 1976

from the former Western State, with boarders on Edo State to the east, and Delta State to the southwest, currently, the state occupies about 15,000kmsq.

Ondo State contains the largest number of public schools in Nigeria – over 880 primary schools and 190 secondary schools.


The ethnic composition of Ondo State is largely from the Yoruba subgroups of the Akoko (the Edo Speaking), Akure, Ikale, Ilaje, Ondo, and Owo people. Ijaw people, such as the Apoi, Furupagha and Arogbo populations, inhabit the coastal areas, and a sizeable number of the Ondo State people who speak a variant of the Yoruba language similar to the Ife dialect reside in Oke-Igbo.

The area is inhabited by more than 3 million people with the highest number and the biggest density having about 18 local government areas.

Ondo State is mostly agricultural and does not have many impressive urban sites. Instead, it offers tourists wildlife attractions like waterfalls, picturesque hills and so on.

The state is recognized worldwide as the place with the highest chances for local women giving birth to twins. The Ondo city itself was founded by twin sisters and the number of twins of all possible ages is one of the main attractions of the state.

The modern people of the Ondo State are farmers, traders, and sellers of food products. Another historical relic is the palace of Osemawe, which was built more than a century ago, although now successfully refurbished and can compete with other cultural places in the country. Another part of the traditional life includes festivals, which are held four times during the year.

The state is inhabited by both Muslims and Christians and so cities are packed with both churches and mosques. This blend of cultures and rich history makes the state unique and really deserving the name of a cultural center.

Major tourist attractions includes: Deji of Akure Palace located in the state’s capital of Akure is one of the notable places to visit in Ondo. Others are Idanre Hills, Cave of Ashes, Igbokoda Waterfront, Igbo Olodumare, Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre, and Owo Museum of Antiques.