Created 45 years ago by the Federal Military Government on February 3rd during the Murtala Muhammad regime, Imo State is bordered by Enugu and Ebonyi States to the north, Anambra State to the west, Rivers State south & north, Cross River and Imo States to the east.

Owerri, which is the State’s capital is often described as the entertainment capital of Nigeria and situated in south eastern Nigeria. Imo State covers an area of 5,530 square kilometres, and derives its name from Imo River, which takes its course from the Okigwe/Awka upland. It lies within latitudes 4°45N and 7°15N, and longitude 6°50E and 7°25E. Imo State has many rivers, the popular rivers are Imo, Otamiri, and Njaba. The major lakes are in Oguta and Abadaba in Obowu local government area.

The main streams draining the state are Imo, Otamiri, Njaba and Orasi rivers, all of which have very few tributaries. With exceptions of Imo River, which runs through the area underlain by the Imo Shales, other rivers rise within the coastal plain sands. Generally, river valleys constitute the major physical features, which are often marshy. The vegetation in the tropical rainforest.


Imo State consists of 27 local government areas with an estimated population of about 4.8 million and the population density varies from 230 – 1,400 people per square kilometer.

The inhabitants of Imo State are Igbo, which is also the official language alongside English. Imo State has a rich cultural heritage, as is manifested in dressing, music, dance, festivals, arts, and crafts. The state is culturally homogeneous as it is a predominantly Igbo-speaking state with minor differences in dialects. Imo State has a very rich cultural heritage and this is manifested in dressing, music, dance, festivals, arts and crafts, and the traditional hospitality of the people.

Imo State indigenes are predominantly Christians of different denominations, but mostly Catholics. Some of the citizens still practice traditional religions till date.

Aside the luxurious hotels, Imo State’s most tourist attraction is Oguta Lake which is the largest

natural lake in Imo State and is supposed to have originated from a natural depression. The lake is of

immense value to the people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi and Awo.