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Peace as we all know is very crucial in every part of our Country and in the Niger Delta region. Regrettably, this is something that has eluded us over the years due to ethno-conflicts, marginalization, militancy, politics, and lots more which has left the region and the people in a deplorable emotional, physical and economical state. In any case, conflict is senseless and accomplishes nothing for us, rather, it creates more problems.

However, this should not be allowed to continue, as there is hope for peace if we can reach out and always come together as a people. The face of Niger Delta Cultural pageant is designed to have a logo as a common identity for the Niger Delta people. It is also a thorough initiative aimed at celebrating and projecting intellectuals and purpose-driven young maidens in the region, who desires peace and unity, which is very crucial to the development and integration of the region.

Our Objectives

  • To serve as a remodeling structure for youths in the region.
  • To promote good and positive morals
  • To re-ignite the passion for teamwork and togetherness.
  • Advocate for reinstatement of the values of the region.
  • Advocate and campaign for lasting peace in the region.

Experience the beauty and splendor of our rich cultural heritage!

Our Mission

The face of Niger Delta Cultural pageant is created to serve as a remodelling structure for the Niger Deltans, promote good and positive morals, re-ignite the passion for team work and togetherness, advocate for the re-instatement of our traditional and cultural values, advocate and campaign for lasting peace within the region.

Our Vision

The face of the Niger Delta Cultural Pageant is envisioned to have a logo as a common identity for the Niger Delta people. A logo, which defines our ONENESS and UNITY.

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